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Total Drama Reloaded

Country of origin



Reality TV/Comedy/Animation

Television channel(s)

Teletoon/Cartoon Network


Radioactive Rats
Mutant Maggots

Created by

Jennifer Pertsch
Tom McGillis

Developed by

Fresh TV Inc./Teletoon

Directed by

Keith Oliver
Chad Hicks

Preceded by

Total Drama World Tour

Total Drama Season 4 Is the 4th season of Total Drama. It was originally called Total Drama Reloaded.The existence of a fourth season was confirmed on the Total Drama Production Blog on January 18, 2010. The title was left unknown until it was confirmed by Christian Potenza in a YouTube video. It has also been confirmed that Keith Oliver and Chad Hicks will be directing this season, as well as the third season, Total Drama World Tour. It will be taking place in a radioactive Camp Wawanakwa. Currently, not much else is known about it.


Thirteen new character designs were posted by former director Todd Kauffman on his blog.

It was confirmed through cleverly hidden hints that these characters are, in fact, part of Total Drama Reloaded, because of a crossword puzzle posted on Thornton's blog that included the season name, Chris's name, Chef's name, and all thirteen of the new contestants' names:


Christian Potenza was able to confirm in his video two episodes of Total Drama Reloaded which is the first episode called Bigger! Badder! Brutel-er! and the twelfth episode The Enchanted Franken-Forest. Other than that, no other episodes are currently known. Todd Kauffman confirmed that there will be 13 episodes in Total Drama Reloaded.

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